broom pull april 30

Broom Pull April 30th 2022

The Lions Club, once again under the fearless leadership of Lion Dixon, teamed up with our local Gabriolan environmental group GaLTT, to pull the evasive Scotch Broom from one of our favourite island parks, Drumbeg. For over 2 hours, twenty two volunteers donned gloves and carried clippers to pull, cut, stomp on and remove hundreds of these nasty (but good looking) plants.

Lion Dixon, who just rushed back from a trip to Palm Desert where he reportedly removed all the Scotch Broom single-handedly from the desert area golf courses, had this to say: “What a success it was! We cleared a huge area and it was really satisfying to see the results – particularly when compared to what it looked like a few years ago. The meadow will soon be bursting with wild flowers and Calla Lilies! Bravo Zulu to everyone!”

Yes, our club is always B-Z! Well done Lion Dixon and to all those who came out.

Yep. This is where I am sure they buried the treasure. Go for it Lion Olga!

Okay Lion Dixon. We have no idea where you left your keys!

Lion Betsy could have been at the Surf Pub this weekend. But, at least she harvested some salad for tonight’s barbeque!

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