diabetes fitness challenge trophy

Diabetes Fitness Challenge

The Gabriola Lions Club joined other clubs in our district for the Diabetes Fitness Challenge. The challenge was to promote fitness and to raise awareness of diabetes by counting member’s steps from October 2021 to March 2022. Our club had 15 participants who recorded their steps and every week and sent these results to our club secretary, Carol Martin. Carol submitted the results to the District Coordinator and, at the end of 6 months, who would be the club to beat? The Diabetes Fitness Challenge was awarded to the Gabriola Island Lions Club – a golden running shoe. Quite spectacular! Well done everyone!! Photo: The golden shoe presented by District Diabetes Coordinator, Georgia Medwedrich, to our Gabriola Lions Club Diabetes Fitness Challenger, Carol Martin.

diabetes fitness challenge winner is lion bruce
Lion Carol, along with president Lion Betsy, is pictured trying to find Lion Bruce in our April 11th meeting. Lion Bruce won the coveted Lions mug (shown above) as top step-taker for the challenge. Unfortunately, Lion Bruce decided to walk to the meeting and total missed getting his major award. He may have missed the meeting, but he did record some more steps for next year’s challenge.

Later that month, Lion Bruce finally shows up to claim the coveted Diabetes Fitness Challenge Cup. Lions Bruce, who is over the top upon receiving this major award, plans to fill it up with Vodka when he gets home.

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