Dog Walk May 26th 2024

On May 26th 2024, over 25 dog walkers and their dogs joined he non-dog walkers as they braved the cold, dreary weather to help raise over $1,200.00 to support the Dog Guides of Canada. All these donations will go directly to the Lions Foundation who will provide 7 guide dogs in the support of various disabilities including vision, hearing, epilepsy, autism and other general disabilities. It is important t note that these guide dogs are provided free to the applicants!

A big thanks to all the lions volunteers and the many participants who made this event so successful.

Our Gabriola Lions dog walk commitment has been active for over a decade with the initial walk initiated by Lion Linda Olsen many years ago. The walk continued with the support from dear Lion Joan Ensor and now with the support of Lion Miriam Cochrane.

Thinking he was back at Starbucks, Mocha barks out his Latte order.
While Lion Jude registers Buster’s walker, Lion Miriam checks the cash box having noticed Buster’s real serious guilty look.
Sure that no one is looking, Buttercup gets ready to prove how foolish it was to put the treats this close to the edge.
Lions Jude scoops up another little fellow to take home.
As Muffins looks for her owner in the background, Lions Carol and Mike get ready to sprint to the start line.
Having found her owner, Muffins admires how Brutus remembers to stay hydrated before the big race.
As a reminder to everyone, Lion Mike actually won one of his dogs in a poker game by playing an all-in, queen-high, straight flush of hearts.
Waiting for the starter’s gun, the participants gather at the start line in eager anticipation.
After the firing of the starter’s gun, they are off! Lion Mike takes an early lead followed by Lion Carol who seems to be falling behind.

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