Gabriola Lions Club Donations

The Gabriola Island Lions Club graciously accepts donations from anyone wishing to help support the needs of our island community.

All donations to your Gabriola Island Lions Club will go towards supporting our island’s individuals and organizations many of which includes:

People for a Healthy Community

Gabriola Elementary School PAC

Gabriola student scholarships

Gabriola Museum

Gabriola Community Centre

Lions Foundation Guide Dogs

Hope Centre

Gabriola Health Care Foundation

On the left are images of many of the Gabriola Island Lions Club beneficiaries of your donations including Guide Dogs of Canada, The PHC food bank and their many programs, Christmas hampers program, The Hope Centre, Gabriola Island students post-secondary scholarships, etc.

How to donate to the Gabriola Lions Club

You may send a donation by making out a cheque out to Gabriola Island Lions Club and mail to:


Send an e-transfer to

Gabriola Lions Club

PO Box 261

Gabriola, BC V0R 1X0

If you wish to receive a tax receipt, please fill out the secure, on-line donation form below:

Where your donations go

Your donations to the Gabriola Island Lions Club go to a wide variety of organizations and individuals. While our core issues revolve around vision, diabetes, environment, cancer and hunger, we also dedicate funds to the youth of our island whether for academics, sport or dance. We also fund many initiatives such as the the child crisis help line or Honour House which assists veterans and first responders.


The following is just a small sample of the many appreciative comments and images we receive each year. 

Hi To All.
Once again we would like to thank you for your generous donation to our group.
As shown in the attached picture our group is down in numbers this morning because of holidays and sickness.
You will probably notice the Lions International emblem on my shirt.
This is from the world tournament in South Africa where your group was one of the major sponsors.
We appreciate the fact that you continue to do good work in the community.
Thanks and take care.

Dear Betsy,
On behalf of the Gabriola Health Care Foundation board of directors, I am writing to sincerely thank you for the Lion’s generous support of our tenth anniversary celebration for the Gabriola Health Centre.
By providing equipment such as tables, chairs and signage and the volunteers to do the set-up and take down and traffic control you saved us money at a vital time. Please extend our deep gratitude to all your members who helped. Your organization’s support allows the Foundation to focus on our primary goal of providing accessible primary health care services to Gabriolans. We also want to acknowledge all the support you have provided to us over the years. That support was essential to our success in building and maintaining our beautiful Health Care Centre. So again, our sincere thanks.
The event was wonderfully successful. It was also an important thing to do. The people of Gabriola, community organizations, and local businesspeople built our Centre. The Lion’s contribution, along with those of our other supporters, helps to ensure we can continue to maintain the Health Centre into the future.


Dyan Dunsmoor-Farley

Acting Board Chair, Board of Directors,
Gabriola Health Care Foundation

Hi! My name is Hunter Zupanec.I am 13 years old. I would like to thank the Gabriola Lions Club for choosing me for the Joe Brake award. This award means a lot to me because I put a lot of effort and consideration into the essay. Being a person with a disability and having siblings with disabilities, those two questions were very fascinating and I really had to dig deep and take time to answer them. With the money I will set up a youth ball hockey program on gabriola. Please thank the parents or Joe Brake for me.

Good evening,

It has often been my pleasure to thank individual Lions for all you do—concerts, bursaries, scholarships, not to mention donating firewood where needed!


This year I am fortunate to receive the latter, and so have a particular reason to be grateful to you: not only have I received a cord of wood, but it is dry, bucked up and ready to heat my home!


It was not enough to simply thank ‘Lion Mike Phillips’; I am sure there are numerous Lions behind the scenes that have allowed him to deliver this wood to me today.

Thank you. Thank you. Thank you.


So to answer the question of the subject line, if you haven’t already guessed;
I appreciate you a lot.


Big digital warm hugs.