End of Year BBQ July 11th 2022

After a two year break from cooking and covid, the Gabriola Lions Club were once again able to get together to enjoy each other’s company and, more importantly, each other’s food at the end of year barbeque. Thanks to our hosts, Lions Shirley and Ken who for the 30th year or so donated the use of their beautiful home and gardens, our club members were able to let bygones be bygones and enjoy the beautiful weather and surroundings while telling tales amid plenty of drinks and laughter. Amongst the seemingly endless jocularity, two surprises occurred this fine afternoon. One was that the food was actually quite edible for once. Having a two year break must have really honed our cooking skills. The other was that our president Lion Betsy was voted Lion of the Year for our district! Way to go Lion Betsy and well deserved we all say!

Thanks to our hosts, Lions Shirley and Ken who have donated the use of their awesome home and gardens for the 20th year, the Gabriola Lions Club was able to gather and celebrate another great year serving the people of Gabriola.
Lion Kathy was about to abscond with the chicken wings before being apprehended by Lion Shirley while Lion Carol looks for the vodka she thought she brought.
Lions Miriam and John were enjoying a bad joke when Lion John suddenly recognized a camera.
Lions Carol and Steve interrupt Lion Eric’s nap with another whisky sour.
After the endless shouts of WHERE’S THE BEEF?, Lion Ken decides it is time to actually time get to work and cook those burgers.
Tears could be heard from the crowd as the 2022/2023 Gabriola Lions board of directors gather for a group photo. It was almost like the picture taken at center ice after winning the Stanley Cup.
Our club president Lion Betsy wins the Lion of the Year award. Way to go Lion Betsy. You really deserve it!
Lion Dave and Susan take Marie Antoinette’s advice and eat cake.
And once again, to mark the end of another fabulous event, Lion Betsy sings some opera to get people to leave.

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