Fall Fair Dog Show Sep 17th 2023

The PHC (People for Healthy Community) and Gabriola Lions hosted at Dog Show at the Gabriola Commons. I’ve never seen so many canines in one spot, and nary a cat in sight. It was a fun afternoon.

The dog show was a resounding success held on Sunday, Sept 17th at the Fall Fair. The show was sponsored by the Gabriola Lions, Lions Foundation of Canada Dog Guides, PHC, and Raven Pet Foods.

After many years without this very fun, family event the laughter and antics left one feeling full of laughter head to toe. Our MC Gerry Stefanson knew how to spin a unique line on each and every dog. We figured 40 dogs rallied one by one in to the ring. All were very polite and their handlers (owners), too!

Spectators numbered anywhere from 40 – 60 coming and going. At the end, the coveted dog bowl trophy was handed out to the very deserving pup.

Our crew: I want to thank Lions Don Butt (photographer), Lions Miriam Cochran and Jude Briscoe (registration), Rob (wrangler), Lion-to-be Lesley Livingston-Gray, Lynn Stefanson (flyer graphics), and especially MC Gerry Stefanson for keeping us in focus, on time, tons of fun for all.

Knowing that he lacks anything of beauty in the bathing suit part of the show, Oscar decides to head to the exit.
Hoping to at least score some bonus points, Oscar does have the smarts to shake the hand of one of the judges.
Feeling a little unsure of his choice of outfit this year, Ralphie decides to back into the show ring to avoid showing his face.
Hoping to avoid another bite in the butt, Trixie decides to stay low to the ground while wearing that delicious looking taco outfit.
At the end of the show, the winner, Teddy, takes home the coveted dinner bowl trophy. Hope you are hungry Teddy – that holds about a month’s worth of food!

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