Hot Dog BBQ July 2nd 2023

While most Lions had better things to do, eight (or so) Lions showed up to listen to some “gooving” DJ music and grill up some wicked dogs to a very appreciative “crowd” during the cultivate festival held at the Gabriola Commons on Sunday.

Lion Bill demonstrates, to those who are interested, how to properly separate the hot dog buns from the sausage buns.
Lion Shirley prepares the grill before the expected onslaught of customers while Lion Bill sets up his chair that will come in handy while facing the throngs of hungry customers. Meanwhile, Lion Jude looks on anxiously as Lion Sharon explains the future of this earth under the current federal government.
As Lion Suzy looks on in shock, Lion Kathy, as club treasurer, tries her best Harry Potter conjuring technique to will the popcorn to pop itself without any further expense.
Lion Dixon demonstrates Lion Shirley’s patented hand washing technique as if Lions Anne and Larry really care.

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