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I just wanted to say a HUGE THANK YOU to Mike Phillips and all the rest of you wood choppers and stackers for the absolutely wonderful, huge and much needed truckloads of fire wood this winter.

My wife and partner in all things, Deborah Lyn Ouellet recently passed after two years with cancer. As I struggle to keep up with everything here that we used to work so hard to manage together, I found myself terribly short of firewood this year and struggling with all the bills on my own now. I don’t know if you can imagine the relief and incredible peace of mind these deliveries of beautiful wood have provided me this winter. It has truly made a huge difference for me mentally and emotionally to feel so supported as I try to manage the overwhelm alone here now.

Thank you so much for all the wonderful work you do. Please never doubt that these good deeds make a huge difference in people’s lives. 

Peace Always,….Deep Breath,..

Caroline J.

Thank you – thank you for the beautiful and generous load of firewood that Mike Phillips delivered to me last Friday!   It will go a long way toward keeping me warm and healthy throughout this extra wet and cold winter!!

Thank you – Cheers – Mary A.   😊

Good evening,

It has often been my pleasure to thank individual Lions for all you do—concerts, bursaries, scholarships, not to mention donating firewood where needed!

This year I am fortunate to receive the latter, and so have a particular reason to be grateful to you: not only have I received a cord of wood, but it is dry, bucked up and ready to heat my home! 

It was not enough to simply thank ‘Lion Mike Phillips’; I am sure there are numerous Lions behind the scenes that have allowed him to deliver this wood to me today.

Thank you. Thank you. Thank you.

So to answer the question of the subject line, if you haven’t already guessed; 

I appreciate you a lot.

Big digital warm hugs.

Penelope B.

“Ummmm lighting my fire with proper CEDAR KINDLING that miraculously was in my driveway, when I came home from work???

I am very, very grateful.  Crazy warm, happy grateful.  This house would have become a damp gross mess.”

November 30, 2021

Hello Lions Club-

On behalf of the Gabriola Housing Society, I’m writing to say a heartfelt thank you for your generous donation of $5,000 for the affordable housing project. We really appreciate your support and we admire all the fine work you do in our community.


Nancy Heatherington Pierce

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