Lions BBQ Jul 11th 2023

For the 24th year, Ken and Shirley Nicholson were brave enough to open their home and property to host the Gabriola Lions Club end of season BBQ. Once again, the Gabriola Lions were able to put aside their differences and pretend to enjoy each other’s company on this fine sunny afternoon. Lion Jon’s BBQ skills did not disappoint as the homemade burgers by Lion Shirley were juicy and tender and even all of Lions Ken’s abundant tomato slices that he brought found their way into the buns, along with processed cheese, pickles and all the other fixings. Most, if not all of the Lions left happy and content with such a fine evening, especially knowing that they did not have to clean up afterwards.

Lions Graham and Larry are left wondering who would bring a vegan option to a Lions BBQ.

Lion Eric is looking mighty proud of what he has brought to Gabriola – a Lions club that for which he has only himself to blame!
Gisela and Lion Doug are happy to know that as soon as this is over, they can get in the Austin Healey and get out of here.
Lion John was so pleased that he was able to sneak a whole tray of cookies to his table.
Lions Olga’s Karel and Lion Mike enjoy a great conversation about the pleasures of life on Gabriola.
As Lion Mike looks on in disbelief, Lion Suzy entertains her table with a striking rendition of John Lennon’s “Imagine”.
Lion Graham offers Lion Shirley his last vegan sausage to which she politely refuses with a few choice words.
Lion John is totally entertained as Lion Ken starts his routine with a collection of off-color jokes in order to keep Lion Larry awake at least until the dinner service.
Lion Betsy entertains a disinterested table with a talking flamingo arm rendition of “Over the Rainbow”.
Just as Lion Suzy claims to have seen the actor Brad Pitt in the trees, out comes Lion Ken.
Outgoing president Lion Betsy leads off the 2023/2024 Gabriola Lions Board of Directors with her version of the Tarzan yell..
Incoming president Lion Jon once again pleads with the outgoing president Lion Betsy to reconsider retirement. Lion Jon even offered to give her his first truck as incentive.

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