Pancake Breakfast July 9th 2023

Once again, the Gabriola Lions Club brought their A-Team to the Cultivate Festival held on the Commons property to deliver a world renown pancake breakfast. For all those that were able to partake of this culinary event left with fully, happy tummies and a renewed reason to carry on with the rest of the day and really, life in general.

As always, the “Sausage Kings”, Lions Bill & Ken did not disappoint. Their broiled meat tube concoction was delicate and sweet and the perfect compliment to the savoury Lion Shirley patented whipped scrambled eggs and the somewhat interesting Lion Dixon pancake creations.

Not to be outdone, there was also plenty of fresh roasted coffee and fresh squeezed (at some point) orange juice to round out this breakfast extravaganza.

Lion Steve shows off his drywall apprenticeship skills by mixing & pouring some cakes while Lion Dixon was preoccupied with some distraction elsewhere.
Lion Larry helps by holding down the Lions sign in case a breeze comes up that might knock it down. Well Done Lion Larry – it stayed up all day!
Fearing a windstorm, Lion Shirley holds down the fort while the rest of the Gabriola Lions get down to work prepping the breakfast.
With a reduced amout of batter left, Lion Dixon is forced to make some mini pancakes bits and one that became a dog about to eat a snail.
The fearless Lion Carol accepts the Lion Dixon “crazy dog and snail” creation since no one else wanted it. Afterwards, Lion Carol confirmed it was acceptable but needed way more syrup.

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