Ravenskill Cidery Jan 21st 2023

On January 21st 2023 the Ravenskill Cidery delivered a huge donation to our Gabriola Lions Club. This generous donation cheque of $1185, presented to the Gabriola Island Lions Club by Marti & Keith, Owners of Ravenskill Orchards & Gabbies Premium Cider Ravenskill Orchard to club secretary Carol Martin was over the top. It was a cold January morning, but we all gathered around the heater and warmed up. Quickly into the store, we treated ourselves to cider tastings, loading up on our favourites complete with bags of salted caramels freshly made and bees wax candles. Thank you Marti & Keith. We’ll watch for your orchard tours and u-picks in the coming months.”

warm up
The Lions found that warming by the fire really helped the alcohol go down while singing some classic cider shanties.
Belly up to the bar
Lions Kathy and Carol cannot wait for their cider order and if doesn’t come soon there may be trouble.
ready to drink
The Gabriola Lions soon learn the cider rule: “If it is clear and yellow, you got juice there fellow. If it’s tangy and brown, you’re in cider town”.

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