Wood Delivery Fall 2023

Over three weekends from the end of September through the first two weekends of October, the Gabriola Lions delivered firewood to those Gabriolans in need of winter warmth.

This Gabriola Lions Club signature program has come to a natural end due to changes in heating technology, an aging club and the huge amount of effort required to buck, split and stack firewood.

Many thanks go out to Lion Mike (left in the picture) who championed this worthy cause over the past many years. It was his property that we brought in, bucked, split and stored the wood. And Lion Mike did most of this work himself from getting the wood, having people to buck the logs, organizing the log splitters and the club work parties to getting the names and addresses of those in need of wood.

No doubt about it, without Lion Mike, this program would never have lasted as long as it did. Thank you Lion Mike! You made this program a fun and exciting time for the rest of the Lions in this wonderful club!

As Lion Suzy checks the Jays score, Lion Shirley admires Mocha’s imitation of a vacuum cleaner.
As Lions Kathy and Larry look on, Lion Jon announces he is done for the day.
Lion Shirley spends considerable time deciding which pile of wood to attack first.
As startled Lions Shirley and Bill look on, Lion Larry swears he just saw a UFO go by.
As the other Lions discuss the advantages of LED lighting for trucks, Lion Jon searches for the reverse gear.

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