Wood Splitting May 6th 2023

On May 6th, around twelve or so of Gabriola’s finest Lions descended on Lion Mike’s property to split an amazing amount of firewood. Not only is this “splitting party” a club favourite event, it is one of our closest social (and sometimes scary) events because we all know that the work we put in here will provide warmth for those that need it this winter season.

So, armed with many of those wonderful gas-engine-powered wood splitters and copious amounts of coffee, the Gabriola Lions Club members suddenly assumed an unheard amount of superpowers and ripped through those fallen tree limbs like a hot knife through butter. I think we actually split the most wood in that 4 hours than we did anytime before.

And all for a great cause.

Lion Jon is the first to cast out the opening pitch. Unfortunately, it was way, way, way outside and called for a ball. And this guy wants to become our next Lion President…sheesh!
While Lions Shirley and Larry are about to split their log into kindling, behind them, Lions Bill, Kathy and Neil cannot figure out why their log simply vanished.
Still perplexed about the last attempt, Lion Kathy puts on a brave face while Lion Bill applies the heat to this massive bit of timber. Meanwhile, Lion Neal thinks it is time for tea.
Lions Betsy demonstrates the correct way to split a log to all those who are just amazed at her skill. This is one of many reasons why Lions Betsy is our beloved president.

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